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 - Market Leader Advantage:

The world's first is always the "Mark One" of anything, this applies to this business-to-business site for the film and TV industry. imMEDIAte intend to establish a new industry standard. imMEDIAte realises that it currently has little or no direct competition by creating this extraordinary opportunity to carry out its plans for rapid growth.

 - Lucrative Business Model:

Leading bankers and technology experts agree that the business-to-business information is set to become the fastest-growing and most profitable Internet business model over the next three to five years. In an multi-billion dollar marketplace, even a small market share represents "Huge Potential"

 - Now... It's a Renewed Industry:

With the proliferation of users, the entertainment industries are being completely revitalised by the Internet. New ideas such as MP3 streaming audio, is beginning to place the music industry into the hands of the masses, (Hence the Time-Warner/AOL deal) also, webcasts on demand, this massive electronic revolution is beginning to force industry professionals to change course or sink, rethink and innovate the way they do business.

 - Massive Industry Involvement:

The filmed entertainment industry is quickly embracing the idea of Internet type buying, selling and marketing system with open arms. Initial findings show that in reply to imMEDIAte's concept, there has been overwhelming acceptance. Even the filmed entertainment executives now openly recognise this impact of the Internet technology. According to most film giants, such as Barry Diller - Universal, Steven Spielberg - DreamWorks and Bill Mechanic - Fox "…the technology will have some of the most enormous reactions within the entertainment industry"

 - Unrealised Niche Potential:

Who could be in a better position? ...imMEDIAte Movies with an established base at Pinewood Studios understands the industry from production floor to management and has a very steady and traditional ground breaking business within the movie making production business. imMEDIAte have already launched two of its five central operating divisions. It's busily bringing the others to speed in a scheduled programme during 2000. The huge central site will eventually become the Hub-of-Hubs for several product ranges all attached to the entertainment industry.

 - Movie Experience:

The team behind imMEDIAte is highly experienced within the film world and its workings. Also, imMEDIAte are now producing its own highly commercial films which when they come to market in 2000, will generate massive interest. This will in turn be used to advantage with film marketing, merchandising, music driving the web site and the web site, driving the marketing.

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