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imMEDIAte MOVIES is positioned not only as a creator of Movies but also as the world's first business-to-business site created specifically for sales & marketing in the multi billion-plus filmed entertainment industry. We provide a carefully co-ordinated electronic marketplace where buyers and sellers of filmed entertainment rights can come together to carry out business.

From the buyers' standpoint, this site offers exceptional resources to search for all of the products available in their respective market, meaning film and television buyers can acquire rights on a global basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's far better than the hell-raising few weeks of the year currently available where buyers and sellers chase their tails meeting only at festivals and conventions.

It's also a giant leap for producers who want to market their products on a global electronic scale, to fully exploit their available product. By using the Internet to create both sales and distribution, imMEDIAte helps generate several key benefits:

 - It is instantaneous and prevents fragmentation among buyers and sellers

 - Standardises the supply search process, thus reducing time, cost and marketplace inefficiency

 - Through electronic databases it assists in building a vital criteria of both key suppliers and buyers

 - Through imMEDIAte's internal knowledge, the Hub-of-Hubs centralises domain knowledge and industry relationships

 - Creating a security maintained master database, with sophisticated mining capabilities ensures cross-over requirement for all parties is maintained

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