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The Components To Make It Work

 - The Electronic Revolution

Few industries in history have made such gigantic leaps over the last decade than the entertainment industry. The progress being driven by a revolution in digital and electronic technology producing an enormous effect on the landscape of filmed entertainment.

Firstly, much cheaper and more accessible makers costs through the flow of digital technology driving down the overall production cost of low-budget moviemaking, resulting in a flood of new product being able to reach the marketplace.

Secondly, this technology fuels a proliferation of new media because of the need for product. TV alone has exploded to hundreds of channels, requiring millions of hours of programming annually without the ongoing need covering the multiplicity of new mediums like Pay TV, Satellite, DVD and Internet itself. This huge explosion within the industry spawns an insatiable demand for more product... It's this enormous void that is now being filled by independent productions.

 - Growth within Independent Production

During the past decade, there has been a major shift towards independent production. Now, a majority of all filmed product is independently produced. During 1999 this amounted to over 7,500 movies and many hundreds of thousands of hours of television.

The problem being that most independents do not have the resources for global marketing of the distribution to their rights. Currently, most of their projects are dependent on smaller budgets from studio product, and therefore without sufficient funding to hawk their products around these major festivals and tradeshows.

 - Entertainment Product is less costly and more plentiful

The electronic revolution, together with the proliferation of independently produced product has by its very nature, created a huge need for greater efficiency and more productive but, cheaper industry-wide distribution system.

imMEDIAte MOVIES fills the void... This need is now being addressed

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