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- International Stock Exchanges on the Internet - L to Z


Ljubljana Stock Exchange


London Commodity Exchange


London International Financial Futures Exchange (Liffe)


London Metal Exchange


London Stock Exchange


Manila International Futures Exchange, Inc.




MEFF Renta Fija


Meff Renta Variable


Mid-American Commodity Exchange


Milan Stock Exchange


Minneapolis Grain Exchange


Montreal Exchange


Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange


Moscow Stock Exchange


Nagoya Stock Exchange


NASDAQ Stock Exchange


National Stock Exchange of India


New York Cotton Exchange


New York Mercantile Exchange


New York Stock Exchange


New Zealand Stock Exchange


OM Group - Swedish options and futures


Oslo Stock Exchange


Philadelphia Stock Exchange


Prague Stock Exchange


Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange


Russian Exchange


Santiago Stock Exchange


Singapore International Monetary Exchange


South African Futures Exchange


St Petersburg Futures Exchange


Stockholm Stock Exchange


Stockholm Stock Market


Swaziland Stock Exchange


Swiss Exchange


Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange


Sydney Futures Exchange


Taiwan Stock Exchange


Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Information


Thailand Stock Exchange


Tokyo Commodities Exchange


Tokyo Grain Exchange


Vancouver Stock Exchange


Vienna Stock Exchange


Warsaw Stock Exchange


Winnipeg Commodity Exchange


Zagreb Stock Exchange


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