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Have come together with several financial expert partners to help take the frustration out of your e-commerce business.

Let us help your company web design to become involved in the "Financial Internet Hub-of-Hubs"

Did you know that there is a psychology to designing a successful web site?

Most marketing executives and web designers do not realise this. As a result, there are thousands of poorly designed web sites floating around in cyberspace at this very moment!

Understanding this psychology could make or break any potential online business. An e-business web site that does not implement even the basic design principles could frustrate potential customers. This translates to a lost sale and chances are, you will never see your customer again

Have you ever noticed that the most popular breakfast cereals sit on the grocery shelves at eye level? The reason being, you the consumer, usually grab the item that is first seen. Cereal companies pay good money for eye level shelving space.

This principle holds true with the online searching experience. A skilled web site designer knows the end user wants to find their goods quickly and easily. What does the end user find 90% of the time?

The Self Serving Web Site

The average internet searcher will generally find a huge company logo where a featured product should be. All too often the marketing executive will focus on trying to establish their company's image, rather than highlighting their company's products. Without realising it, they have blocked their front entrance.

To survive as a business, a company's site should stand out yet, branding must be their product or service, not only their company image or logo.
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