Bob Keen is recognised in the film industry as one the world's leading Special Effects Directors, having been extensively involved projects like RETURN OF THE JEDI, STAR WARS, ALIEN 2, HELLRAISER, CANDYMAN and too many more major feature films and television programmes to list in this document, other than to say he regularly features on British television in shows such as BBC's "HOW DO THEY DO THAT?" as being the accepted UK expert in this field. He is also chairman of Image Animation plc set up in 1984 (See Article and Models) which is a leading special effects studio based at Pinewood Studios.

Besides this, he is also known as a top rate film director and has recently won awards for his special effects and direction of PROTEUS a low budget feature film that Bob made look like a mega-dollar movie. The rights of this film were all sold within one week of going on sale and, he is now completing yet another film directing project. Other projects include TO CATCH A YETI, SHEPHERD ON A ROCK, BIG GAME and others in between filming music video for MEATLOAF commissioned by Virgin and MCA and using special computer driven morphing techniques and prosthetics. Bob is finishing the filming "2001 SPACE TRAVESTY" in Canada and is "multi-talented", his expertise crossing a broad range as he has just completed the direction of a major CD-ROM project for an international games company for release 2002.



Tony has been in advertising and film production for over 20 years. He was one of the founders of THE MOVING PICTURE COMPANY and is a well known industry producer within the advertising world handling production for clients like General Motors, Reader's Digest, and Shredded Wheat etc.. After running various television and film production companies, in 1987 he formed and is the Managing Director of The Director's Syndicate.

This gives the Company direct unlimited access to a large compliment of extremely fine and talented copy-writers and a full range of in-house facilities at Holland Park, near London which include studio, film and video equipment, off and on-line edit suites and much more. Having worked with the very best in international advertising and marketing, Tony and his team are able to cleverly transfer the book written word into film medium in a sophisticated and extremely clever manner.



Is a professional writer and been a member of The Writer's Guild for several years. Besides filming scripts, he has written 16 book titles in both adult Thrillers and Youth which are nearly all under major publication contract with international publishers. His most recent success was the huge launch of ANCESTRAL TRAIL by Marshall Cavendish (See Book Covers) from book into fortnightly part-work format which are beautifully illustrated and have gone on to sell in excess of 20 million copies internationally. He now has two international television programmes from his various books in full filming production both here and abroad having already been credited with writing on several film titles.



David is steeped in theatrical and stage musical projects having arranged, overseen, conducted and been musical director for the music of CATS, GUYS & DOLLS, FAME, THE SNOWMAN, ASPECTS OF LOVE, JOHN WILLIAMS, ANTHONY NEWLY among others. John easily lays down music, lyrics and style developed and recorded with any music design to convert from screen to theater production without any major changes.

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