Immediate Movies team and workshop are situated right in the midst of the UK's foremost creative talent with facilities and studio space for all formats of filming at Pinewood Studios, located 20 miles west of London, that provides comprehensive studio facilities for producers of feature films, television programmes and commercials. The 96-acre site houses 18 stages, the most famous of which is the 007 Stage, so called because the first James Bond movie was filmed at the studios. Other facilities include one of the world's largest purpose built silent stages and Western Europe's biggest exterior tank. Over 700 films have been made at Pinewood since it opened in 1936.

In late 1997 Pinewood received planning permission to build two new studios and update four others, increasing total capacity by around 30%. The additional stages are available from mid 1999.

Feature films made at Pinewood include the new James Bond film.

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