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Desktop Server 2000 is the Fastest Selling Bulk Email Software on the Internet

 Advertise your website or business to thousands of people a day free with bulk email!

Well, it's finally here....Desktop Server 2000 is finished. And this new generation of bulk email software has arrived, it the most user friendly bulk email software program on the market.

No more waiting for large lists to load. But this new bulk email database has an even more powerful feature and comes with the ability for the user to personalise their bulk email messages. This means you can associate the recipient's name with every email address in your list and have that name included in every letter that goes out. This makes bulk email letters more professional looking and gives your emails more credibility. People are more likely to read an email that starts off with their own personal name at the top. Such as Dear Bob, or Hi Jane etc.

Even a total computer beginner can install it and be sending bulk email within minutes. Plus you get a Harvester that will collect thousands of fresh email addresses for you everyday at the click of one button. And it stores them in convenient ready to use bulk email lists.

 Your New Software turns a PC into bulk email Server!

A major technological breakthrough has recently occurred in the way you can send bulk email with your PC. MTI has just released a bulk email software program that turns any typical personal computer into a "Professional Bulk Email Server." Anyone who owns a business or website will be able to use this new bulk email software to advertise their business via bulk email without the hassles typically associated with advertising by bulk email, this type of bulk email software also helps keep the internet running faster than ever.

 Order Now and you will get 48 million fresh email addresses absolutely FREE!

48 million fresh email address are free with any purchase! No duplicate addresses. All of these addresses were collected from real internet users just like you. Plus all government addresses have been carefully removed. And a global remove list has been run through these addresses to take out most of the complainers.

 Benefits of Bulk Email Advertising:

Any marketing expert will tell you BULK EMAIL advertising WORKS better than radio, or TV advertising!!!

Everyday, more and more companies say bulk email advertising has become the back bone to the success of their entire company!!

 Bulk Email is now being used more than ever by Fortune 500 Companies!!!

The beauty of bulk email is that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. A poor man will do just as well as a rich man with bulk email. In the Bulk Email World everyone has the same opportunity to make Millions!!!

Remember, with Bulk Email , you don't have to pay for stamps or postage anymore!!! Each one of your bulk email sales is pure profit!!!

 So what do I need to start sending bulk email?

Make sure you first read (And Understand) the Bulk E-Mail Survival Guide!!!

The first thing you need to start sending bulk email is a bulk email software program. You will need the Bulk Email Survival Guide. It's FREE and it's available by "CLICKING HERE". You will need a product or service to sell if you are going to bulk email. If you already have a business, or a website, and a product or service then you are all ready to go. You can also offer a bulk email service for other companies and people on the net.

This bulk email program is so easy to use that we even hear about children using it when their parents are gone during the day and the programme comes with an On Line Help System built right into the program. The on line help system will show you step by step how to use it, plus... you will be able to call the technical support department or email them for any additional questions you may have.

The Harvester will help you target your market by gathering a list of targeted bulk email addresses by specific groups.

Email Address Extractor: The bulk email extractors will automatically extract fresh bulk email addresses from all Newsgroups, Online Providers, internet phone books, and any text file, even Web Pages! The extractors will get the email addresses off any web page you want.

 System Requirements

You will need a PC with Window 95, 98, 2000 or Windows NT. The bulk email software will also run on a Macintosh with Soft Windows or Virtual PC installed. It's good to get an extra Internet provider to send your bulk email with. It's never smart to use your main internet provider to send bulk email. Plus, it's always good to have a back-up.

Free bulk email Demo: Here you can download a limited version of Desktop Server 2000. This demo will allow you to send 5 emails at a time. Atomic Harvester 2000 will let you collect thousands of bulk email addresses using the demo..

If you find you it as good as we say it is, then ORDER THE FULL VERSION at a cost of $299 straight away and get all the benefits to build up your presence on the Internet


 Important: Go... (And Understand) The Bulk E-Mail Survival Guide

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