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The portals of the past have realised that the novelty of the Internet have worn thin.

People want the right information delivered as quickly as possible from a trusted source.

Most content sites offer general information to their own communities and casual visitors. They hope that by providing general interest material, visitors will come back to the site regularly.

As things usually go, when visitors come to the site they are tempted by other offerings and related products in banner advertising. They spend a bit of time on two or three of the site pages then head of elsewhere – possibly not coming back.

Loyalty is valuable, but few sites build loyal visitors. Nor do they fully utilise their Internet marketing potential. The revenue model for many of these sites is primarily advertising / banner ad driven, supplemented with commissions from the sale of some related products.

This revenue model is probably not going to last. Advertisers are becoming disillusioned with the Internet marketing claims that x hundreds of thousands of hits per month should produce mega sales. Companies are wanting to know the actual number of viewers/ users of a site and the potential for those viewers/users to buy the companies' products. They want the site to produce revenue or a valuable network. The only way to deliver on these needs is relationship building combined with the know-how to trigger sales or add value in other ways.

Internet users are demanding a new level of economic contribution before they will reciprocate with loyalty. They want "their site" to anticipate their needs and to supply the ability to satisfy those needs with a few mouse clicks.
By using the computing power of the Internet and simple database mining techniques we are able to specifically target products and marketing material to individual web users.

This ability to build and work with a community and marry our experience and understanding of Internet technology and old fashioned direct marketing is what gives imMEDIAte e-Commerce the edge.

Most Internet sites are developed by technicians. Our expertise is in the creativity, direct marketing and community building with broadly based IT skills eg HTML and CGI scripts. These skills enable us to effect design improvements to the site and to work with the database to achieve better sales.

In the realm of lightening fast technology, the marketing response a site gives its community needs to be quick and decisive and personalised. It is not just the purchase, but the total experience of being a client, web browser or cared for customer that will give the new Internet economic edge.

imMEDIAte e-Commerce and their respective partners have developed and refined a community trust building process that enables it to market products to the community. Usually the take up rate for sales would be around 1.5% to 2%. imMEDIAte e-Commerce has achieved a 12.33% take up rate as well as a high renewal rate for a highly priced financial newsletter which is substantially higher than the industry (typically 65% vs industry standard at 41%). Readership of the financial analysis marketed by imMEDIAte e-Commerce went from a daily readership of 1200 on one site to an estimated 220 000 on five financial sites within 9 months in 1999

The planning and implementation of effective banner advertising

Internet advertising is easily measured and advertising campaigns can be quickly assessed for their effectiveness.





% of banner click through to site



% of visitors signing up for e-mail



% of e-mail transforming into sales







% of visitors to site from eZine



% of visitors signing up for e-mail



% of e-mail transforming into sales









Number of unique visitors



% of visitors to leads



Number of unique participants


Total Number of Sponsor Visits


Total Number of users that returned to the competition from the sponsors sites


Percentage of users that remained on sponsors’ sites


Total Number of leads generated


Percentage of leads generated


Average Cost per Click Through


Examples of our projects:


imMEDSHARES realised the immense need for a focussed all-in-one financial information service. The core business publishing financial newsletters was established in 1981. Since then, imMEDSHARES has been gathering valuable, specific data from clients including being active on the Internet for the last 18 months. This database is growing at an exceptional rate. Daily readership has grown from 1200 in April 1999 to 4200 loyal users currently. imMEDIAte e-Commerce draws from this valuable knowledge and expertise to specifically target specialised marketing material to individual site users through our unique marketing strategies. imMEDSHARES sells a $1800 p.a. stock market newsletter. The model used by imMEDIAte e-Commerce will work equally well with non-financial related sites as well.


InvestCentre was born through networking and understanding of the marketing potential of the Internet. We have created a "hub of hubs" in Internet terms. It follows the unique model of placing businesses and individuals that would usually consider themselves competitors, in one Internet environment. The site is still in a beta phase and already has extensive readership and support from several the LSE Listed Company community. InvestCentre markets various investment products and information services to high net-worth individuals. IC also markets to Internet investor relations services of LSE listed companies.

Explorer Visa Card:

Explorer utilise the Internet expertise of imMEDIAte e-Commerce for the redesign of their site and effective marketing strategy across the Internet and community database of potential clients. Measurable marketing goals have been defined and the complete e-commerce design and implementation is the responsibility of imMEDIAte e-Commerce

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