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Inside a small theatre at a Film Fair somewhere in the world a select group of producers, sales agents, buyers, critics and film buffs crowd into a screening of the latest independent production ("Indie" in Movie Terms). Amongst the noise and hoopla that goes with any film festival, certain decisions are made about where and how the movie will be seen. Days that follow, multi-million dollar deals are won or lost, the eventual earning power of the movie is determined.

This scene is repeated at festivals and tradeshows when buyers and sellers ply their trade. Why??? ...It's extremely costly, inefficient... and now becoming outdated in terms of the sales and marketing system. The movie business has worked this way for yonks - but now, the Internet "Wind of Change" is beginning to blow in.

This is the future and as with nearly every walk of life, the Internet is making in-roads to rethink certain methods and seek newer, better, and more cost effective business models. That's just what imMEDIAte MOVIES is doing with its new offering for the filmed entertainment industry. The company has brought to market a complete solution for the sales and marketing of filmed entertainment rights via the Internet.

 - Besides our own particular brand of movie products & our production centre...

imMEDIAte MOVIES is a business-to-business e-commerce provider, bringing buyers and sellers together. The intention being to provide a central electronic marketplace and industry information service via several web sites specifically designed for the marketing, sale and advice of filmed entertainment rights.

 - It's unique... having no real-world equivalent only made possible by the Internet.

imMEDIAte MOVIES operates seven totally different web properties: Collectively known as, and... all feeding into this Hub-of-Hubs through which... imMEDIAte MOVIES has developed a very powerful blend of content and co-operation partners all designed to entertain, inform, and service the entertainment industry.

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