quarterly publication for makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion stylists who work in the entertainment industry.

  99 Lives
comprehensive guide to new and upcoming videos: reviews of critically-acclaimed movies, blockbusters and quirky films. Top 20, weekly pick, filmographies.

  11th Hour, The
horror/sci-fi entertainment magazine for chicks.

featuring news, reviews, and features on movies, music, and TV.

  American Cinematographer

  Astounding B Monster, The
your first option when exploring the depths of arcane cinema.

  Audience Magazine

  Beatdown Magazine
featuring reviews across various genres.

  Bollywood Online!
updated twice a month with gossip, charts, competitions, and other stuff.

reviews, interviews and articles covering the film industry.

  Bubblegum Internet
e-zine dedicated to low budget horror, sci fi and b-movies!

  Buzzstation, The
with movie news/rumors and film reviews.

  C.H.U.D. Report, The
movie news, reviews, and speculation.

  Cine Futura
in Spanish.

film review, theory and criticism. Site in Dutch and English.

e-zine in Greek.


online zine about movies.

weekly e-zine featuring movie news, reviews, and interviews.

  Control Voice, The
online zine for people who watch way too many movies.

  Creative Screenwriting
magazine for writers of feature films and television.

  Dark Horizons
with news, previews, reviews of current movies, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and The X-Files.

  Documentary Box
journal of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan.

  Dr. Squid's Smorgasbord of Terror
B-movie reviews & behind the scenes articles.

movie magazine daily.

  End Times, The
video zine for the lost generation.

  Entertainment Insiders

devoted to Colombian cinema.

  Estação Virtual
entrevistas, links, opiniao e mais sobre cinema Brasileiro e do exterior.

  Exploitation Retrospect
reviews updated every week, plus columns, and links.

  Fade In: Magazine
film magazine for screenwriters. Interviews and articles covering the creative and professional aspects of working, writing, and sucking up in Hollywood.

film reviews, Australian release dates and interviews.

  Film Comment Magazine
bi-monthly magazine published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

  Film International
a quarterly English magazine focusing on the Persian movie industry. Topics covered include movie news, reviews, and commentaries.

  Film Journal International
reviews and features covering the international film and exhibition industries.

  Film Threat Weekly
Free weekly e-mail and web site containing movie reviews, interviews, film festival reports from around the world, boxoffice grosses and independent movie news.

  Film West
Irish film magazine. An 80 page quarterly containing news, reviews, previews and interviews from the world of film.

Dutch online movie magazine.

box office grosses, festival information, reviews, resources, and more.

  Filmmagasinet Cinema Paradiso
webzine presenting all the movies running on Norwegian cinemas.

focusing on alternative, cult, and classic cinema.

features reviews, interviews, previews and trailers.

Croatian movie magazine.

  Hong Kong Film Magazine
reviews, filmographies, and interviews on such luminaries as Chow Yun Fat, John Woo, Ringo Lam, Michelle Khan, Chingmy Yau, etc. Posters and video sales as well.

  Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture
a quarterly journal that features in-depth discussions of movies and other visual arts.

  Inside Film Magazine
includes a directory of the world's film festivals.

multimedia magazine with interviews, trailers, and a full length movie.

  Laurel & Hardy Magazine
subscription based publication containing rare photographs, memorabilia sales, news and events.

  Make-Up Artist Magazine

international zine for avant-garde film, video art and media art.

  Mise En Scéne

  MovieGuide MovieJuice
bursting the bubble of the Hollywood hype machine.


offers unique cinema-related games, first-run film reviews, and a chance to find movie mistakes.

  New York Screenwriter Monthly
features in-depth interviews with screenwriters, agents, and producers.

  Nitrate Online
reviews and essays.


  Pacific Coast Studio Directory
motion picture publication dealing with the industry in California and other U.S. states.


includes information on upcoming movie releases and international film production calendar for major and independent studios worldwide.

  Right Turn Clyde
zine with the ideals that Hollywood blockbusters tend to suck, and that monkeys + robots = great movies.

  Ritz Filmbill On-Line
Film synopses,trivia, interviews with filmmakers and stars, and other material related to films playing at the Ritz movie theaters.

  Russian Independent Films

  scr(i)pt Magazine
includes contests, live chat events, and online classes.

  Shock Cinema
guide to bizarre films and videos, covering cult movies, arthouse oddities, drive-in swill and underground obscurities.

  Site of the Movie Magazines, The Source, The
provides online reviews and plots on new upcoming and old films, including pictures and some other handy sections.

reviews, previews, and interviews.

  Third Degree, The
monthly interviews with subterranean moviemakers.

  Total Film
site features news, interviews, subscription information and online movie reviews.

movie and actor info; features showtime listings all across Canada.

  Urban Cinefile
the world of film in Australia. Updated every Thursday.

  Video Eyeball
finds great but overlooked or forgotten films available on tape and laserdisc to recommend to its readers.

  Video Junkie
previews and reviews of genre video and cinema.

  View From the Couch, A

  Wide Gauge Film and Video Monthly
technical and aesthetic history, news, and issues of wide gauge, large format, and wide screen film and video.

  Zombie's Movie Mania Magazine
Zombie features exclusive monthly movie industry news, laser and movie reviews and a ton of movie links to get you aroun

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